Why would a Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) build a roller coaster in a virtual world?  Or a ski hill or community horse barn offering trail riding?  There are twenty regions of fun and interesting activities to explore on the NY HealthScape estate but what does that have to do with health information exchange and education?

You have heard of Point of Purchase (POP) advertising.  The concept is to influence a decision or experience by associating with something fun or interesting in a convenient location.  By building historic and recreational attractions in the NY HealthScape Second Life we aim to integrate valuable education and awareness about the Electronic Health Information Exchange initiatives by Southern Tier HealthLink, in Binghamton New York for the Tri Cities area.

At NY HealthScape in Second Life you can ride a roller coaster replica inspired by “The Cyclone” monolithic coaster in Coney Island New York.  Visit our game room to play a game of pool or use the bowling alley or one of several fun board games with your friends.  Catch some amazing art galleries from innovative creative talents from around the world.  Travel on a historic steam train and discover some areas of virtual beauty landscaped to perfection for an incredible in-world experience.  Climb to the top of a lighthouse and enjoy the view or ride the canals of NY HealthScape and the functioning loch system.  Or hop on a street car and check out the traditional New York style brownstones and visit key health information installations such as our Autism Awareness Center or the Breast Cancer Quest Home and try your hand at the health quiz for redeemable points.

In addition to our many fascinating attractions there is a lively social schedule of events from live musicians to DJ events offering the opportunity for social networking and information sharing. Follow our Twitter feed @nyhealthscape for announcements and valuable information regarding Southern Tier HealthLink activities and progress bringing Electronic Health Information Exchange to the Binghamton New York Community.

With HIE concepts interwoven into so many fun activities you won’t believe how much you can learn about Electronic Health Information Exchange and patient centered health care for best practice and patient outcomes.  Remember that learning can (and should) be fun!There are currently no Frequently Asked Questions available.